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One-on-One Healings | Workshops | Tuesday's Peace | The Gift of Health Online | Spirals of Love


One-on-One Energy Healing

Face-to-Face or Distance Healing

We provide a very loving, caring, and safe space in which to hold you as we work.  We introduce ourselves, then describe our treatment. We remind you that we are both physical and energetic beings, and that our work is to clear blocks in the flow of energy in your body. This means every cell will get the energy it needs to function well. Then it’s your turn to talk and let us know how we can help you. 

We work with you lying on a plinth and channel energy through our hands into points on your body to clear and re-energise you. It’s a gentle, relaxing practice and clients feel the wonderful peace it gives. Not only is it effective in helping physical problems but it works very deeply to clear emotional issues. 

Please contact individual practitioners for bookings:

Kate Mayo: | 083 510 6043 | Durban KZN

Christian Steyl: | 072 018 1515 | Southbroom KZN

Allison Slater: | 083 280 3966 | Kent UK

Debbie Caknis: | 083 558 2555 | Hout Bay WC

Colleen Branfield: | 083 305 0546 | Eastern Cape

Kate Lawrie: | 072 450 3570 | Ballito

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Small Groups

Undoubtedly health is our greatest gift, one we can benefit from by getting in touch with our energetic selves. We all have an instinctive ability to heal ourselves and in this workshop, we help you regain your awareness of this.

We teach you about your energetic anatomy and how to rebalance the flow of life force through it, so that every part of you gets the energy it needs to function well. You will also learn to use breathing and stillness to help this flow.
It’s a very practical, hands-on workshop, and by the end of the day, you will be equipped with the tools you need to live a healthy, happy, loving and peaceful life.  A comprehensive workbook is included, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes. 

This one day workshop is for people who want to use the practice for self-healing. *Please refer to "Becoming a Practitioner" for info on becoming accredited. 

* Cost: R1250.00 | Course size: 4 - 8 people | Duration 9.30 till 4.30pm  

Tea will provided, please bring your own lunch.

Workshops are only done on a face-to-face basis.

Workshops are currently available in KZN and the Western Cape - travel can be arranged to other regions.

Please contact any one of our practitioners for your workshop enquiries.


Tuesday's Peace

A Guided Meditation & The Gift of Health Practice

A simple and beautiful energy healing practice that restores the flow of lifeforce and brings a deep sense of peace. This collective practice aims to inspire universal healing & joy, is accessible to everyone and does not require any previous meditation or healing experience. The sessions are hosted virtually via Zoom every Tuesday and led by one of our gifted practitioners. 

Join us by emailing

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The Gift of Health Online

A Self-Healing Practice

The Gift of Health is a form of energy healing.  A practice, which restores a good flow of life force in the body and promotes the awareness of inner peace. These are the KEYS TO GOOD HEALTH. A level of health which allows us to live in peace and love, and dance through life with joy!

The Gift of Health Online Package Includes:

Video Tutorial, Audio Version (x3) and Fully Illustrated Workbook available for purchase via our shop.

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Spirals of Love

Simple Spirituality

“If we want a world that is loving, we must be this love, if we want a world that is peaceful, we must be this peace, if we want a world that is joyful, we must be this joy.” 

This beautiful little book tells us how to attain a level of wellness that enables us to live love, peace and joy.  It shows us how simple, everyday things like deep breathing, live foods and a happy heart can be used to nurture our energetic selves and ensure a good flow of Life Force in our bodies.  This is what leads to real wellness, the wellness that allows us to feel this Life Force as Love.  As we feel this, so we transform, and help others to do the same, because unconsciously we start to radiate this beautiful Love.  This is a Love that inspires, uplifts, unites and heals - ourselves, others and ultimately all of humanity.

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