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Reiki Treatment

I had had a pinched nerve in my neck for some 2 months and was in extreme pain, before visiting Allison.  An operation was my last resort. I was at my wit’s end when Allison began with her ‘healing hands’.  The result was phenomenal!  I began with weekly sessions, which progressed to bi-weekly and then monthly. I avoided an operation and the positive effect that the sessions had on my overall wellbeing was profound, resulting in a healing of my mind, body and soul. She definitely has a healing touch and I recommend this type of treatment as a gift to yourself.

Belinda Futcher

Kate is great! We did a distance energy healing session - it is definitely not my first energy work session I’ve experienced. Although there is something really special with Kate. I feel very grateful for the energy that was shared, and the work in particular that was done around my heart. Thank you! I will not forget the pink bubble.

Lucy | Model & Actress | Bali

As a trained nurse, I was very skeptical and apprehensive about what to expect on my first visit to Allison.  I have seen Allison 5 times and she has truly transformed my life!  She has eased a heaviness which I have carried around for 13 long years, sorted out my shocking sleep patterns and managed to get me off sleeping tablets.  I feel calmer, less emotional and generally much happier within myself.  I really have looked forward to my sessions with Allison and so enjoyed my time spent with her and her incredibly calming, gentle voice

Kim Price

I came to see Allison about 5 weeks before falling pregnant with my daughter. I had previously been trying to conceive for about 18 months before seeing her, and had had a few fertility treatments that had failed.  I was about to start fertility injections, but decided to have a few healing sessions with her.  They were calming and comforting and I was able to conceive naturally after a few sessions.  I saw Allison throughout my pregnancy and it made me feel so much more connected to my baby.

Fiona Hiebner

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