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Allison Slater

Namaste Everyone

I believe that when we are born, we bring with us a gift to give to the world.  My gift is one of healing, and for thirty years I have been doing work that I absolutely love, is incredibly fascinating, and has been very rewarding.

My interest in natural healing began after Reflexology helped me overcome a period of depression in my late 20s. This was so successful that I trained in it, started practising in 1990 and have run a very busy practice ever since.  I have enjoyed studying and practising different modalities over the years, learning and seeing good results from all of them.

Then, I finally listened to the little voice that had been talking to me for years. I closed the books, and the Gift of Health came with great joy from the wisdom of the heart, the feeling of the heart.  This beautiful practice is a practice of Love.  It helps us feel our inner Love and use it to help our bodies heal themselves.

What counts…

  • 1969/77 - B.A. Degree majoring in English and Psychology, followed by some very special years. Mike and I married in 1970. In 1974 our precious son arrived, followed by our lovely daughter in 1977.

  • 1989/96 - Qualified at International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. Fulltime practice in Estcourt – lovely clients, invaluable experience. Back to Durban, a new practice - busy, rewarding, and enjoyable.

  • 2005 - So blessed to have our lovely, bubbly daughter-in-law join our family. Now we have the two best grandchildren we could ever have hoped for.

  • 1999/2014 - Work and study! Reiki Master, Body Alignment Technique, THASA’S Spiritual Healing Course, TRE Group Practitioner, Yoga Teacher.  

  • 2014 - My book "Spirals of Love - Simple Spirituality" was published.

  • 2017 - Sorrow – our beloved Daughter died.

  • 2012/21 - My focus moved solely to Spiritual Healing and The Gift of Health was born. With help from my Beloved Team, it’s now in its final form. Beautiful to practise and beautiful to receive!

  • 2020 -Tuesday’s Peace with Kate, Christian and Debbie. This is a weekly Healing Session on Zoom, in which we guide participants through ‘The Gift of Health”. We are thrilled with the way this has grown over the months, for besides helping the group members to feel peace, we send a very strong vibration of peace out into the world to help uplift others as well. 

”Thank you for all that you do to help others and for always having such a warm and open heart for service.” Dr P Naidoo


Kate Mayo

I started my healing career with a degree in psychology, working with special needs, HIV and orphaned children in South Africa and the United Kingdom, before a series of life events led me to discover the gift of Energy Healing. I have trained in Reiki and the Gift of Health, as well as Aura and Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing and Meditation. I work with animals and people, predominantly through distance healing.

Having grown up in a rural area of South Africa, I have an affinity for nature and a deep love for animals. I feel a profound connection to the earth and draw on the energy of Gaia to remain grounded and to assist me in connecting with clients across the globe. I like to believe I bring a gentle energy and a calming presence to my clients.

As a mother of 2 vibrant boys, I understand the challenges of parenting in the modern world. I believe that instilling the values of kindness, integrity and respect, for all living beings, is paramount to building intentional, compassionate adults. To this end, I have begun writing a series of children's books aimed at bringing awareness of Energy Healing and Meditation to children. 'Arabella Discovers a Magical World' is the first in the series and can be found on Amazon and Takealot.



Some testimonials:

My session took about 45mins, and Kate shared with me some parts of my body that were drawing more energy from her. Interestingly, those are the spots that I was having some issues with! She explained that distance healing transcends time and space, and is energy sent via intention. - Jess | Singapore

Kate is great! We did a distant energy healing session - it is definitely not my first energy work session I’ve experienced, but there is something really special with Kate. I feel very grateful for the energy that was shared, and the work in particular that was done around my heart. Thank you! I will not forget the pink bubble. - Lucy | Model & Actress | Bali

After my healing I slept through the night, which is something I have not done in years. My sciatica has eased, and I have more energy than before. I will definitely be bringing my entire family for sessions. - Megan | IT | South Africa


Christian Steyl

We each have a unique path through this life. Some roads are direct, while others meander with plenty of twists and turns. But all roads lead to Rome. We will all, at one point or another, require help along the way.

That is how my journey with healing began - I needed help. I was lost, stuck, frustrated, and in desperate need of transformation. In short, I had a lot of growing to do. That unfolding is still ongoing.

By grace I was guided to incredible healers and teachers, that each in their own way, inspire and influence how I now work and teach.

Healing for me is the journey of surrender to a higher knowing. It is coming to stand in the wisdom and power of your own heart. My role is to be present and be willing to be a channel of grace in service of that surrender; to listen on behalf of my clients to the deep yearnings of their soul, until they are able to hear its voice clearly for themselves.

The Gift of Health has been an incredible tool in my personal transformation as a healer and teacher. It has guided me to become a more humane human being.  For me it is a deeply co-creative and sacred journey into the merging of the personal with universal.

It is my divine pleasure to share this gift with you. I look forward to working with you and sharing in your own unfolding.

With Love and Infinite Light, Christian.

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Debbie Caknis

My aim is to fill my life with peace, joy, happiness, and love. These simple principles are the foundation of how I interact, consult, teach, mentor, and facilitate, with both humans and animals.

I believe that my gift to the world is my ability to help others to achieve their highest potential, either through teaching, or just being an example for them to follow. 

My interest in natural practices and how they complement allopathic medicine, began after a 27-year long career as a nurse and midwife, specialising in the care of ill and premature babies, as well as in nursing management. I feel that my medical background helps me provide quality in other peoples’ lives.

I enjoy offering Reiki and Crystal Healing Courses, Psychic Development and Quantum Sensory Healing Courses, as well as Kundalini Yoga Classes. I also run short Animal Communication Courses and an Internationally Accredited 1-year Animal Communication and Healing Course.

In 2005 I started facilitating magical Wild Dolphin Retreats in Mozambique, and since 2013 have been running Wellness and Transformation Retreats in South Africa.

“Debbie’s Animal Communication Course is so much more than just animal communication. It is comprehensive and loaded with additional information and healing techniques.  Such a blessing to be able to attend this amazing course with amazing people.” - Shirley

“l just returned from an incredible Dolphin Retreat in Mozambique.  Surpassed all expectations… incredible encounters with the dolphins, superb weather conditions, diving, food, excursions, and people…. What an absolute joy. Thank you, Debbie… could not have wished for more!” - Anne

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Colleen Branfield

In 1986 I got married and moved to East London from Durban. My early influences were from my mother, a nurse, and my grandmother, a nurturing and beautiful soul who cared for many children and babies in the Transkei as a young woman. Her knowledge of the good"old" remedies fascinated me, and many became trusted remedies once I had my own children.

The birth of our son in 1990 proved to be a traumatic year relating to his health. He went through many operations and other medical interventions and made a full recovery within his first seven months. He was also asthmatic. These experiences sparked my interest in natural medicine and I have never looked back.

Our younger son was born in 1993 and those years bring such happy memories of being a stay at home mom.

In 2005 I took the opportunity to apply for the two year Therapeutic Reflexology and Meridian therapy course in Johannesburg. It was the experience of a life time. I was on a new journey that would see my new career come alive and keep me connected to this amazing world of natural health. Since 2012, I have run my business from our farm on the East Coast of East London, the quiet country life keeping me grounded and a steady stream of clients coming through my door.

I met Allison Slater in 2013 at a congress in Cape Town. Her positive influence, gentle approach and the generous sharing of her knowledge, has changed the way I practice the modalities I offer. I value her guidance and the practice of The Gift of Health.  Since 2020 I have been attending the weekly Zoom Gift of Health, Peace practices that are offered by Allison, Kate and Christian. Something I look forward to every Tuesday evening.

I continue to use The Gift of Health with wonderful reports from my clients.


Kate Lawrie

In my early 20's my mum was diagnosed with a terminal illness, for 8 years we watched helplessly as she slipped into a world of her. Grief became an every-day emotion as we lost little pieces of her daily. In the midst of this I was sent a lifeline in the form of a friend who was studying BodyTalk and this was the beginning of my healing journey. The BodyTalk sessions helped to lift the heavy emotions and bring a sense of lightness back into my mind, body and soul. They also sparked a curiosity and a reconnection to my soul. And so began my own journey of learning, healing and a fascination with all things related to energy. I have been practicing BodyTalk and Reiki since 2011 and remain in constant wonder and awe at the power of energy healing.

In 2022 I met Allison and was introduced to the Gift of Health. The Gift of Health healing has been life changing and through sessions with Allison as well as Tuesday's Peace I have been able to move through certain life challenges and have come to feel and experience a deep peace within.

I feel so privileged to have been taught by Allison. I am honoured to be able to offer the Gift of Health healing sessions. I am learning more about the great force of love that fuels our existence and all of life, I have come to know this force as extremely benevolent and awe-inspiring and has the power to heal on all levels and to bring a peace that surpasses all understanding.


Jean-Anne Austin

 I love this definition of our Divinity: The ability to transcend perceived human limitations.

I have always felt a deep connection to energy and the Natural World. I have experienced some very difficult times in my life, which have led me to go deeper within, and find inner peace, healing, joy, and a deep connection to all that is. 


I have been practising a fascinating energy modality called Body Talk, since 2015, which has brought me great joy and personal healing. I have worked with people and animals, in person and remotely. 


In 2022 I had an amazing Gift of Health session which was very gentle and effective. The energy that flowed through it was quite tangible and the peace that settled within my BodyMind was bliss. I was very drawn to this work, so I did the workshop with Allison. I think we all need the high vibration of this work with the peace, healing, love, joy, and connection it brings. I am so grateful to Allison for blessing me with this work. I love using The Gift of Health and seeing it’s wonderful effects on my clients. Namatse.
Jean-Anne Austin 082 8346273

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