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Breathwork as a Tool to Manage Anxiety

Breathwork as a Tool to Manage Anxiety

Do you know that we take about 20 000 breaths every day of our lives? And do you know that we take in energy as well as oxygen with every breath?  


Professor Hans Eppinger, The University of Vienna, showed that each cell in our bodies has a positive and negative pole, and that oxygen charges the positive pole and energy the negative one. When these poles are fully charged, our cells function well, which leads to happy and healthy bodies. His work also showed that healthy cells glow with light. Picture your whole body glowing with light, health, and joy! What a wonderful image!


Deep abdominal breathing relaxes our diaphragms. This allows our lungs to expand so that we inhale fully and take in a good supply of energy and oxygen. Anxiety and worry make our diaphragms tense, restrict our breathing, and reduce our intake of oxygen and energy, so we really need to do some abdominal breathing every day. In this audio I will guide you through a pattern of circular breathing, which will help you relax and breathe deeply again.  


You will enjoy using this simple, valuable tool, for as you cope better with stress, so  each day becomes a happy and healthy one.

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