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GOH Online

GOH Online

A self-healing practice.


A Video showing the pattern of points used. An Audio in which you are guided through the healing pattern. A Workbook giving more insight to the Energetic Reality.




Be accountable and prioritize yourself.


The Gift of Health is a form of energy healing.  A practice, which restores a good flow of life force in the body and promotes the awareness of inner peace. This is the KEY TO GOOD HEALTH. A level of health which allows us to live in peace and love, and dance through life with joy!


Why is this the key for good health?


We are PHYSICAL AND ENERGETIC beings.  Our physical, emotional and mental health depends on that of our energy body. This is unseen and often unknown, and thus can be neglected. We need to re-energise our energetic body regularly. This ensures that every cell has the energy it needs to function the way it should.

This is good health.


You can help yourself to be healthy!

We all have an INBORN ABILITY to heal ourselves. If you have earache you keep touching your ear, instinctively giving it energy to ease the pain and heal it. When children get hurt, mothers hold the injury, while saying, “I’m making you better.”  Sadly, we’ve lost our awareness of this ability, lost our awareness of this precious gift.

In the ‘GIFT OF HEALTH’ PROGRAMME, you are guided to regain awareness of this ability and taught to use it.


How does the Gift of Health practice work?


This is a powerful practice emanating from the heart. Your heart.

You’ll ‘’feel’’ it rather than ‘’know it’’ – and that’s different in a world where we demand a result, rather than a ‘nice hour of relaxation.’ The energy we channel is directed to points on your physical body, relating to the energetic counterparts. This clears blocks and restores a good flow of energy in our bodies, which then positively impacts on our everyday lives.

Our cells have positive and negative poles.  Oxygen charges the positive poles and energy charges the negative ones. When this happens, not only do our cells function well, but they also GLOW with light! (Professor Hans Eppinger, University of Vienna.)

Help Family, Friends, Patients and Clients as well as yourself.


Have you ever been in the presence of someone who literally ‘glows’ with charismatic radiance and light? They make us feel they could move anything, which of course they can!

Even the people around you will feel peaceful, happier and healthier. Such is the power of energy and vibration. This work rates incredibly high on the Hawkins Vibrational Scale. (Measured by independent Kinesiologists.)


This practice is used by people from all walks of life – medical professionals, therapists and laymen.  It helps us all to cope with the enormous emotional, mental and physical demands of these times because it brings inner peace, reduces stress and prevents burnout.

From our base in South Africa we connect with people all over the world, which is incredibly exciting!


The Gift of Health Course:


Full Package: Video Tutorial, Audio Version (x3) and Fully Illustrated Workbook


In our acclaimed and easy to follow video we demonstrate the exact way to position your hands to clear blocked energy points in the body.

  •  There are three available audios, one from Allison, Kate & Christian.
  • The workbook is included in the full course for quick and easy referral.


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